Radix malorum est cupiditas


Avarice once stood a formidible creature, an imposing 6 and a half feet tall gold plated, gem encrusted juggernaut, dedicated to greed and decadence. But a group of adventurers had their way with him. The gold plating was removed, the gold detailing melted away and collected. Ioun stones that pock marked his body were popped free whilst the Rune of Greed that adorned his forehead was also stolen. And whilst Avarice still stands with the same upright and proud deportment, he appears a little shabby in his worn but serviceable clothing which covers his dented and scaped body. His eyes still gleam with emerald light whilst the face plate over the lower part of his face gives nothing away.


Avarice was created by the Runelord of Greed, Karzoug, as the champion of Shalast and personal guard. Armed with the sword of Sin, Chellan, Avarice was a formidable warrior who performed various tasks for his master. His final mission involved what is now called the Cyphergate located in Riddleport. Ambushed by an unknown force, Avarice was overwhelmed – his sword, Sihedron ring, Rune of Greed and other powerful magicks were stripped from him and his body left behind, thought destroyed in some lost underground passage.

Avarice’s body was recently recovered by an adventuring group hired by the Order of Cyphers who stumbled across him accidently. Brought back to the city and restored, Avarice has awoken in a very different world, minus many memories of the creature he used to be…perhaps that is for the better.


Riddle Me This Darkfool